Real automation

The way to increase your business profitability

We will help you find the "growth points" of your business through the automation of routine work.

We will select the best and most functional 1C products based on your specifics, implement them, refine and train your specialists.
Our managers, consultants and programmers have been trained and certified according to the technology developed by 1C. Using the advantages of the 1C: Enterprise platform, we will help your company increase the efficiency of business processes that are not related to maintaining compliance with the law and reporting.
Real automation
Learn how to make your business more efficient.

What is real automation?

Very often, enterprises have bottlenecks that impede workflow and negatively affect the performance of the enterprise as a whole. Routine work is associated with repetitive labor-intensive tasks, fraught with errors and non-transparent processes. This inevitably affects the quality of services and products. As part of real optimization, we solve specific problems to increase the productivity of your business. For example:
  • we automate the accounting of completed tasks and work of your employees;
  • we select the best solutions for barcoding products;
  • set up custom pass-through accounting, etc.
Very often, Customers using standard accounting products do not even realize the variety of the 1C product line and its functionality.
At the same time, a well-chosen affordable 1C circulation solution can cover up to 90% of the functionality of your business without significant modifications. It is in choosing the right 1C product that our real automation experts will help you.
We will help you configure the best solution.
exactly as your business requires it.
Expico - Комплексное решение задач 1С
Wild boar - a symbol of the centers of real automation
- runs fast, swims well and copes with all the challenges of the "forest". Specialists of the Real Automation Centers are jokingly called “real boars”, including for their “versatility”.
It is the competencies of our employees, which allow us to solve complex tasks and automation challenges in a team, give us the right to classify ourselves as one of the “honorable legion” in the 1C sphere.
If you are reading this section, then you have already come to the conclusion
that your business needs a technological “upgrade”
You have not decided where to start
or doubt your choice?
Consult with us.
We will help you prepare a roadmap.
automation and together with you we identify the tasks and goals.
Just contact our experts:

What will we do
real experts

  • We reveal the "narrow neck"
    Your business;
  • Define the potential
    automation in
    other business process
  • We select the product 1C,
    most appropriate
    Your specifics
  • We introduce the system and train
    Your specialists work
    with a new automation circuit
What do you get?
You get cost savings and control over time-consuming tasks. And this is a significant contribution to the development of your business.
For example, according to recognized world experts, 3% of reduced logistics costs often exceed the effect of a 30% increase in sales. That is why, as a result of our work, you will receive profit growth and new opportunities for your business!
Let's increase the profitability of your business together!
With our team and 1C products you can become a leader in your industry!
Examples of real automation
  • Review
    IP “Oganyan Gevorg Georievich”
    A few months ago, we were approached by a company that is engaged in the implementation of 1C, with a proposal for cooperation. We decided that quarantine time is the most convenient for automation due to reduced business activity.

    Employees of Expiko LLC listened to us and demonstrated the 1C: Trade Management trading configuration. We refused the “1C: Retail” program, since we do not sell goods at retail. And in “1C: Trade Management” there is all the necessary functionality and even the ability to connect retail sales in the future. We decided to start small and purchased the product “1C: Trade Management, Basic Version” in order to get used to and start working with the program’s functionality.

    Experts of Expo installed the program on our computer, set up inventory control and management of customer orders. The presence of the functions “order statuses” and “payment control in percents” completely covered our needs. Now, when our accountant downloads data from the bank to the program, I see the real state of payments for our orders and nothing is lost.

    We are very glad that we chose the configuration “1C: Trade Management”. The system is modern, intuitive, with a nice interface. Now I create orders myself and issue invoices to buyers, previously only an accountant was engaged in this. It turns out that time for order processing began to be spent much less, sales went faster.

  • Review
    Ltd Promkonstruktsiya
    In April 2019, we were contacted by Promkonstruktsiya LLC, known in the market under the Fire Steel brand. The main task discussed by the representatives of Promkonstruktsiya LLC and the experts of Expiko was in how to increase the transparency of management accounting and sales.

    The experts of Expo installed the 1C: UNF program in file mode on the Customer’s computers, the initial configuration was carried out

    • The basic information on the organization of LLC Promkonstruktsiya has been entered;
    • Set up printing of invoices for payment with facsimile;
    • Reference data on customers, suppliers;
    • Employees are entered into the system and the payroll block is configured;
    • Users are entered and access rights are configured;
    • Set up a system account for mailing letters to suppliers and customers.

    After the implementation of the “1C: Management of our company” program, we managed to quickly establish the work of the sales department, the entire pool of orders and the status of their implementation can be seen from one workplace, the terms of ordering and the productivity of sales managers grew by an average of 15%, and standard reports sales and purchases made it possible to analyze the current state three times faster on mutual settlements with counterparties. In addition, the program has a backlog for the automation of production operations of Promkonstruktsiya LLC in the future.

  • Review
    Ltd Baz
    BAZ LLC is engaged in the repair of aircraft products and maintenance of aircraft.

    We have long been familiar with the product 1C: Integrated Automation 1, which we have been in operation all this time. Unfortunately, this program could not take into account all our requests for accounting, including maintaining separate accounting for the state defense order. Therefore, the question of the correct formation of the cost of a unit of separate accounting, namely the repair of a particular product, arose very sharply.

    The company “Expiko” contacted us at the end of 2016 with a proposal to look at the capabilities of the 1C: Integrated Automation program, version 2.2 for these purposes.

    After the presentation, conducted by the employees of Expiko LLC, we saw a number of advantages of the program: a convenient interface and low cost, the ability to form the cost of a specific work, as well as the contract as a whole, were impressed by the budgeting and treasury units, warehouse and production records. Since our legislation imposed ever-increasing requirements for keeping records in the framework of the 275 Federal Laws, we decided not to delay and initiate a project for the transition to a new system.

    As a result of the implementation, 16 workplaces were automated - the program created users from the departments of accounting, procurement, the commercial department, personnel, and the warehouse. The staff of BAZ LLC thanks the experts of the Exico company for the correctly completed installation and configuration of software products, the provision of consultations at a good professional level, and we also hope for further cooperation in the framework of the program support.

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